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We, Gudrun and Peter Seifert, stem from Germany and lived in Switzerland for two years, before coming to the United States in 1964. Perhaps, Central European geography and love for the mountains were bred into our genes.

Initially, we wanted to stay only two or three years in the USA, however, the tremendous spirit of welcome, security during the world’s East – West conflict, and opportunity to work made us stay a lifetime. This is our home now. We have learned the language. An accent remains – perhaps you can detect it even in our writings. We thank you, America, for letting us experience the “dream”, for your generosity and hospitality.

Gudrun was an English teacher and Peter a mechanical engineer. We are "regular people", not professional guides or movie stars, sports figures, or TV personalities - more the kind one never hears from but should. We took early semi-retirement and started to walk from Nice to Vienna when Peter turned 62. The hike extended over six years and it became one of the greatest experiences of our lives.

HIKE FOR YOUR LIFE is our contribution to fellow and future retirees. The book challenges them to hike more, for better health of body, mind, and soul. Hopefully, as more people hike, demand will grow for a better system of trails and accommodations here in America.

It was important for us that the book be printed, manufactured, and distributed in the USA. We thank our printer, MAPL Inc of Altavista, VA , the distributors, the many independent bookstores, and all their people for encouragement, support and friendship.

Of course, the above picture is from 2004 - on the St. Stephan Cathedral in Vienna. The book ends there. You know what happened then? The year after, we started to walk back. Today, summer 2016, now 80 and 77, repectively, we are near the Lago Majore, in Italy. See Home Page (Click Upper Left ). Thank you ! Enjoy

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  1. Hi Gudrun and Peter,

    It was a pleasure to ride a bus with you and learn how you conquer alps one step (month?) at a time.
    We, being the lucky (free to travel) unlucky (still have to work) ones, were left truly inspired.
    Thank you, so much. Hope you reached Elizabette hut OK and the journey continues!

    Vytautas & Loreta, the 2 Lithuanians from a random bus

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