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Cincinnati, May 30, 2008 (Jon Newberry)

... book on the joys of hiking...
...spent six months hiking across the Alps fromNice on the French Riviera to stages during annual month-long vacations...
...they adventure of a lifetime and a self-described "love affair" with the Alps - its people, food, history and scenery - and also renewed one with each other. They highly recommend it to other people ... who want to get more out of retirement. .....
...lived in the United States for four head back across the Atlantic every summer to visi their families and spend a monthhiking over an intricate, well mapped      network of trails. They began 1998 after Peter, then 62, semiretired...Ten years later, they say they are happier and healthier than when they began

The Cincinnati Enquirer
September 22, 2007, part B3 (Allan H.)


Alpine Hikers at Museum Center
    "You can view the beauty of the Alps at the Robert D. Lindner Family Omnimax Theater,     which is showing "The Alps", or you can get a glimpse from a Middletown couple through their book "Hike for Your Life".
    Gudrun and Peter Seifert, who recounted      their  journey across the mountain range in the book will appear from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. today at the Museum Center at Union Terminal. The book will be available for purchase.
    They hiked from Nice to Vienna, covering the length of the Alps, through parts of France,       Switzerland, Germany, and Austria, 1300 miles in 170 days. The Seiferts walked by Mt. Blanc, the Matterhorn and the Eiger North Face. They visited St. Moritz, Innsbruck and Salzburg.
    They said their book speaks to future retirees and will motivate them to take up hiking for the health of body, mind, and soul...."

TAPPI Frontline Focus Magazine,
Atlanta, Feb/Mar 2007 (Excerpts)

Tried Hiking?
    “Yes, hiking – for several hours a day, and several days in a row. Perhaps you better not read this, because if you have a desk job and you like TV, we’re talking about a major change.”
“On the other hand, maybe retirement is on your horizon, or a long vacation? No matter what your job, hiking is one of the best activities. Generally it has no bad side effects. Except addiction…”
“How would we know? Well, we tried it and liked it. Now we’re addicted!”
“… It’s hard to believe how good the daily walking is for your body, your health, your weight, back, hips, knees, heart and mind. And you don’t have to force yourself. The long distance goal makes you want to walk, day after day.”

Journal on Active Aging,
Vancouver, Canada
May/June 2007 p. 48…
(Excerpts, by Jenifer M.)
Hiking for their Lives
“…After taking early semi-retirement, Gudrun, an English teacher, and Peter, an engineer, traveled to Europe in 1998 for a hiking holiday in the French Alps. While on this trek, they hit on a bold plan, …[to] hike the Alpine Mountains from Nice, on the French Riviera, to Vienna, the capital of Austria. This journey would eventually extend over eight summers, becoming one of the greatest experiences of their lives….”
“…Gudrun and Peter are…[now] publishing a book, Hike for Your Life, to encourage … retirees to take up hiking for the benefit of body, mind and soul. ….[and to] share the story of the Alpine trails, accommodations, food, culture, history and anecdotes with future and fellow retirees. They also explain their feeling that such a hike is an achievable dream for a reasonably fit person…”

The Middletown Journal
Dec 3,  2008 (Excerpts, Rick McCrabb)
Front Page

'Hike of their lives' takes local couple six years

... enjoying retirement -- one step at a time, one city at a time. .... the Seiferts began their adventure... in 1998, and completed it in 2004.... Finishing the hike wasn't their initial goal, but after the first year ...  they became obsessed with the trek.

 In fact, in 2002, Peter had triple bypass surgery, the doctors did "their miracles" and after a one-year rehabilitation, they continued their hike.

 [Peter] called the physical challenges the "small part" of the hike. Picking the right trail and navigating in [avoiding] inclement weather were tougher. "We were most concerned about safety," he said. "But somebody was watching over us. Nothing bad happened".

 ... and on page 5: ...Now the Seiferts are hoping their book encourages others - and not just senior citizens - to take up hiking. "It's our push right now," [Gudrun] said.

 The Seiferts are living their lessons.They have fivegranddaughters, and when the girls turn 13, each is taken on a four-week European hiking trip. ... Gudrun: "For us, those weeks are the greatest gifts their parents [i.e. Gudrun and Peter's children] could give us.

The Middletown Journal
May 27, 2007 (Excerpts, Joan Boring)


...An Adventure and a Terrific Read
"...I am so pleased that Gudrun and Peter Seifert have completed their six-year-long project and have written about hiking the Alps from Nice in France to Vienna in Austria. Sounds daunting? You'll find that it is really a great adventure and a terrific read.
...the book is split into two sections, the first describing how and why the project came about.They decided to try an easier hike...on well laid out trails with the opportunity to stop at small inns or bed-and-breakfasts each night. ... Section one rounds out with discussions on costs, best times to go, comparisons of trail lengths, advice on joining hiking groups – all the little things you need to know to plan a successful trip.”
    “Section two is the heart of the book for armchair travelers – descriptions and pictures of each section of the trail they followed. This is where you encounter marvelous people, food, cultures and even animals like the dog who attached himself to them in the hope of table scraps.”
…Ancient villages perched on hillsides,… thousand-year-old churches, … bridges spanning immensely high gorges,…wild flowers and wild cataracts…This is the Europe you do not see from trains or buses, or even drive yourself tours.”
     “Don’t stop when you get to the Appendix. There actually is some very interesting            material… daily log summary, sources for        maps,…and most amazingly, a backpack        checklist boiled down from experience…. ear    plugs for when you… stay in mountain huts with other hikers who snore. This is the sort of book that makes you want to start planning your own trip.” 


We love the fan mail - it compensates for all the work and it warms heart and soul. Thank you all!

Peter, I would not have expected anything less than a great job from you, but this is really wonderful. You can be proud of a great and USEFUL book. Thank you very much for my copy. Best regards    Carl L. 

Gudrun: (a phone call) Thank you for sending the book…. I love it and read it very slowly, so that it is not over too soon. The places you talk about, the pictures, I try to find them on your maps, to really understand where you have been. The flowers, the mountains…they are just wonderful.  Erika R.

Sehr geehrte Frau und Herr Seifert! 

...[Ich stamme auch aus Deutschland und] so sind mir Ihre “Wanderwege” bekannt…. Nicht dass ich dort gewandert bin… [aber] zum Beispiel war ich 1968 …. in Ramsau……Ich las Ihre Beschreibungen mit Bewunderung und mit Vergnuegen und - ich muss gestehen – auch mit etwas Neid ! Man muesste noch mal juenger sein. Ihre praktischen Ratschlaege in ersten Teil des Buches sind ausgezeichnet….. Ich gruesse Sie vielmals!   Gerlinde K.

Peter, I have bought and read your book. It is excellent. Too bad I cannot do this anymore. The knees, the back…. You have been a pretty good engineer, but I think, until now, you may have missed your calling!     Bob B.

Dear Gudrun and Peter, what a wonderful trip I had with you on “Hike for your Life” through the Alps - in my armchair. Thank you for your thoughtfulness sending it to me. Congratulations on this very interesting account of your travels. It is obvious you enjoyed the planning and actual hiking through such beautiful scenery - the many interesting people on the way - and the cake and coffee too. You are a wonderful team!…. Love and best wishes!   Theo E.

A Visitor at our Book Stand:
"You guys have changed my life ...
     I hiked the Tour Mont Blanc, i.e.
    around Europe's highest mountain... "